WEBINAR: Safexpert transition training - 2301-WEB-E
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WEBINAR: Safexpert transition training - 2301-WEB-E

Your perfect upgrade to the new version Safexpert 9.1


IBF Solutions GmbH






1 Online (09:00 am - 12:00 pm CEST)





Preis in €:

215 EUR

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Participants who have already taken part in the transistion training to version 9.0 will receive a 50 % discount.


In this compact training you will get a quick overview of the central new features of Safexpert 9.0 and 9.1. The compact information will help you to continue working seamlessly with the previous Safexpert functions and to integrate new functions, which may be particularly interesting for your company, into your future work with Safexpert. The optimal event for existing Safexpert users.

To make the changeover as quick as possible, we have fundamentally revised the relevant chapters of the Safexpert manual so that self-taught familiarisation is of course possible. For all those who want even more convenience, we have designed the transition training, which is aimed in particular at people who are still using Safexpert 8.6 or earlier versions.

Seminar program

  • The new Safexpert Dashboard - more overview of projects and important changes
  • The dashboard elements at a glance
  • Important events based on your personal (standards) favourites
  • Facilitate access to projects and standards data
  • Revised menu structure: More intuitive operation of basic functions such as system settings etc.

New feature in risk assessment: The Safexpert solution library

  • The Safexpert solution libraries as successor to the previous measures library with greatly expanded functions
  • How to capture solutions in the solution library and apply them in the project
  • Particularly interesting for variant management: Record, manage and use alternative solutions even more clearly
  • New filter option: "Solutions no longer current" and "Available successor solution".
  • Collection of additional bibliographic data on solutions
  • Withdrawal/replacement of obsolete or revised solutions

The new CE-Guide - now also in accordance with Machinery Regulation (EU) 2023/1230

  • The completely redesigned user interface
  • new step-by-step assistant that guides you through the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with the Machinery Regulation  (EU) 2023/1230
  • Completely NEW: Requirements lists according to Machinery Regulation - hand-in-hand fulfilment of the legally required requirements with the performance of the proven risk assessment according to EN ISO 12100

The new Safexpert NormManager

  • The completely redesigned user interface: even more intuitive searching and finding of standards titles
  • How to use personal favourites as a filter option for important events
  • The new Knowledge Base: Valuable additional information on standards sections facilitates your work with standards

Safexpert additional products

  • The new concept for the production and management of additional products to Safexpert
  • How you can quickly find existing additional products and expand your Safexpert range of functions

The new Safexpert CheckManager

  • The new CheckManager as successor to the previous test and acceptance assistant with greatly expanded functions
  • Quick overview of the new tool for your smooth changeover
  • New: Selective transfer of individual test points from a test point library
  • New features: Plant structure for tests, selective filters,...

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