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The Executive MBA (EMBA)

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Francesco Venuti, Dean EMBA and GMP, ESCP Business School





Preis in €:

69.900 EUR

Ermäßigter Preis in €:

59.900 EUR


Für Ingenieure:innen mit einem VDI nachrichten Stipendium


Financial Times Ranking (2021): #6 Worldwide - #2 Worldwide in career progression

Duration: 18, 22 or 30 or 34 months (part-time)

Intakes: January or September

Language of instruction: English

Where you study: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin

The Executive MBA (EMBA) at ESCP is a  part-time programme ranked 6th overall and #2 in career progression by  the Financial Times 2021 Rankings. Choose from over 50 electives and 6  international tracks.

This real-time transformational programme is the stepping stone you  need to bridge the gap between your untapped potential and the  world-class leader in you.

Executive MBA is offered in 3 alternative formats : In-class, online or Blended format

9 Core Courses

  • Build a comprehensive foundation in managerial concepts
  • 10 Electives
  • Curate your EMBA with your choice of specialisations
  • 5 International Seminars
  • Deepen your insights and pool knowledge with your peers
  • 1 International Consulting Project
  • Tackle a real-world business case within a multicultural team


  1. Define company strategies and execute them while  taking into account a variety of aspects (finance, marketing, supply  chain, IT, etc.)
  2. Put into action transformation plans for a company or an activity
  3. Develop ones leadership and manage teams in a multicultural environment
  4. Master and apply appropriate methodologies, carry out in-depth analysis to solve problems
  5. Make decisions and measure their impacts
  6. Create value for companies and society while  considering issues of sustainability (humanity, ethics, economics,  climate, management of natural resources...)


  1. Develop a personal leadership philosophy  that reflects greater knowledge, capabilities and insight in a  cross-cultural environment
  2. Empower the top-level leader within you and expand your perspective on life
  3. Share your experience with a highly diverse group - an invaluable asset in today’s global business environment
  4. Leverage your career (with an average 78% increase in salary)
  5. Join an influential global network as part of the 68,000-strong ESCP Alumni community, present in over 150 countries


Christoff KOTZÉ, Berlin Campus Admissions

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