Safexpert user training - 2511-WEB-E
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Safexpert user training - 2511-WEB-E

An optimally set-up system and knowledge of the areas of application of Safexpert support the efficient CE marking. The risk assessment can be carried out much more quickly and safely. The aim of this training is to teach these skills. The participants should also be able to support co-workers using Safexpert or to carry out Safexpert user training in their own company (multipliers). Each participant works on his or her own PC with pre-installed Safexpert.


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Training content

  • Creation of projects and template projects
  • Systematic risk assessment and risk reduction with interface analysis in plant projects
  • Industry-specific solutions with Safexpert
  • Check and Acceptance Assistant
  • Set up standards database optimally
  • Practical experience, questions and discussions enliven the training process

Seminar program

First steps and efficient use of Safexpert

The content is addressed at Safexpert users who are involved in the product development process. To enable you to implement your specific know-how for the respective action step with Safexpert, you will learn:

  • Basics of CE marking (brief introduction - details are given in our special seminar) "Efficient CE marking and risk assessment of machines and plants") 
  • CE marking with Safexpert - concept and structure
  • Structure and manage projects clearly - create template projects
  • Central management of files (e.g. technical specifications, supplier documentation, etc.)
  • Standards management and update processes with Safexpert
  • Full text search in over 60 European standards
  • Systematic risk assessment (EN ISO 12100)
  • Display of the risk assessment in different views (for a maximum overview)

Use Safexpert efficiently

  • Use of C standards for industry-specific solutions with Safexpert
  • (brief introduction - detailed trainings or web consultations are offered individually if required)
  • Analysis of the risk related to the interfaces between parts of machinery in plant projects
  • Applied standards in measures
  • Selection of safety-related parts of controls, parts lists (required performance level according to EN ISO 13849-1, required SIL according to EN 62061)
  • Integrate pictograms comfortably into the risk reduction - create a pictogram list
  • Create and use libraries (hazard descriptions, action descriptions, etc.)
  • Interface risk assessment – instructions manual: Working with the Instructions Assistant
  • Arrangement of the technical documents / instructions manual using checklists
  • Status checks: Which points are still open? Is the CE marking possible? Can the declaration of conformity or the declaration of incorporation be signed?

All people who work with Safexpert should always have access to current system data that is particularly important for the respective company. Therefore you will learn which settings are particularly important in Safexpert:

  • Make basic settings: Manufacturer, signatory to the EC declaration, etc.
  • Set up and update standards database optimally
  • Company-specific adjustment of reports, insert company logo
  • Store proven solutions in the measures library - manage and update libraries (description and measures library)