Master of Science in Production and Operations Management
Zertifikatskurs Data Scientist Text Mining | Zeppelin Universität ( | Textanalytische Verfahren | Methoden wie Dictionary Approaches, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modeling und Named Entity Recognition | KI-basierte Methoden wie Chat-GPT
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Hector School of Engineering and Management
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76131 Karlsruhe


Master of Science in Production and Operations Management

Global Production, Digital Transformation in SCM and Logistics


Hector School of Management des KIT Karlsruhe




Führung und Management


76131 Karlsruhe


Program Directors POM

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Furmans, Institute for Material Handling and Logistics, KIT

Prof. Dr. Stefan Nickel, Institute of Operations Research, KI





Preis in €:

36.000 EUR

Ermäßigter Preis in €:

15.000 EUR


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In an increasingly competitive environment where  the quality of a product is on an equally high level and innovations are  disseminating ever faster, a key to success of business units in  service and production is the efficiency of the value creating process.  Participants of our Master of Science Program Production Operations  Management learn to encounter the challenge of striving for global  optimum of the value creating chain while maintaining local  responsibility for execution, reliability and quality.

Focus Points of Production and Operations Management

  • Industry 4.0: Smart factories & digitalization in production (IoT)
  • Supply network management (operational/ strategic & tactical, SNP, APS, BOM)
  • International production & distribution networks
  • Virtual Engineering (from CAD Systems to CAx)
  • Prescriptive Analytics & Operations Research: Integer/ linear/  nonlinear/ dynamic programming & finding near-optimal solutions

"Design & operation of production systems and supply chain  is undergoing a change. Driven by new technology, as reflected by i4.0,  and the industrial internet, and the education and experience of the  past is no longer sufficient, to guide your company through the required  changes. Master these with POM and aquire the necessary competences,  bridging the gap between up-to-date theory and advanced technologies."

Program Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Furmans

The  Master's program Production and Operations Management is splitted in 5  Engineering and 5 Management Modules of 2 weeks, each over a period of  15 months. The modules are followed by a Master Thesis written in the  company (9 months) and often used as a innovation project for the  company. The overall duration is approx. 20 months.

Engineering Modules 

  • Collaborative Engineering in Production and
    Operations Management
  • Digital Engineering Ecosystems
  • Modern Operations Management for Supply
    Chain Networks
  • Networks of Supply & Production Systems
  • Global Production and Distribution Systems

Management Modules 

  • Marketing & Information
  • Finance & Value
  • Decisions & Risk
  • Innovation & Projects
  • Strategy & People

Crash Course*: "Probability and Statistics" (preparatory modules)