Master of Science in Management of Product Development
Zertifikatskurs Data Scientist Text Mining | Zeppelin Universität ( | Textanalytische Verfahren | Methoden wie Dictionary Approaches, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modeling und Named Entity Recognition | KI-basierte Methoden wie Chat-GPT
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Hector School of Engineering and Management
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Master of Science in Management of Product Development

Agile Engineering of Mechatronic Systems


Hector School of Engineering and Management des KIT Karlsruhe




Führung und Management


76131 Karlsruhe


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Albert Albers, Institute of Product Engineering, KIT

Prof. Dr. Martin Klarmann, Institute of Information Systems & Marketing, KIT





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36.000 EUR

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15.000 EUR


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The Master Program in Management of Product  Development enables participants to analyse, design, operate, and  implement product development processes in their companies in an  optimized way. Based on a highly integrative and creative approach, they  can successfully translate innovative ideas into competitive products.

Focus Points of Product Development

  • Integrated product development: process planning with e.g. portfolio analysis, value analysis, DSM Blockchain Technology
  • Simulation methods (e.g. finite element method, boundary element method)
  • Product Lifecycle Management, Product Data Management, Enterprise  Resource Planning, Customer-Relationship-Management & Supply Chain  Management systems
  • Industry 4.0: Strategic product portfolio & services

"Product development is the driver of innovation. In the program  MPD you learn to manage product development in an efficient,  methodical, creative and success-oriented way. With the scientifically  sound and practice-oriented training program for professionals you get  qualified to become the driving force for successful product innovation  in your company."

Program Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Albert Albers

The  Master's program Management in Product Development is splitted in 5  Engineering and 5 Management Modules of 2 weeks, each over a period of  15 months. The modules are followed by a Master Thesis written in the  company (9 months) and often used as a innovation project for the  company. The overall duration is approx. 20 months.

Engineering Modules 

  • Integrated Product Development by ASD - Agile Systems Design
  • Design & Validation Process and Information Systems for Product Development (PD)
  • Simulation and Target Values in PD
  • Validation and Verification in PD
  • Tools and Methods of Product Engineering

Management Modules

  • Marketing & Information
  • Finance & Value
  • Decisions & Risk
  • Innovation & Projects
  • Strategy & People